Caterpillar 3126B, 3126E Truck Engine Sys Op, Testing, Adjusting Manual Download

Caterpillar 3126B, 3126E Truck Engine Sys Op, Testing, Adjusting Manual Download

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Caterpillar 3126B, 3126E Truck Engine Sys Op, Testing, Adjusting Manual PDF 

Covers: Caterpillar 3126B, 3126E Truck Engine with serial numbers-

  • BKD 1-Up
  • G3E 1-Up
  • DPF 1-Up
  • 1AJ 1-Up
  • 8YL 1-Up
  • CKM 1-Up
  • CRP 1-Up
  • 7AS 1-Up
  • 8SZ 1-Up
  • 9SZ 1-Up  

The Caterpillar 3126B, 3126E truck diesel engine Systems Operation and Testing & Adjusting manual covers theory of operation and testing/adjusting procedures. In this manual you will find detailed step-by-step instructions and accurate illustrations to correctly inspect, test and adjust the 3126B, 3126E truck diesel engine. View this manual on your computer/tablet or print off pages as needed.

The following is a list of topics contained in the 3126B, 3126E Engine Sys Op & Testing/Adjusting Manual:

Systems Operation Section
General Information
Fuel System
Air Inlet and Exhaust System
Lubrication System
Cooling System
Basic Engine
Electrical System
Testing and Adjusting Section
Fuel System
Fuel System – Inspect
Air in Fuel – Test
Engine Speed – Check
Finding Top Center Position
Fuel Quality – Test
Fuel System – Prime
Fuel System Pressure – Test
Gear Group (Front) – Time
Unit Injector – Test
Air Inlet and Exhaust System
Air Inlet and Exhaust System – Inspect
Turbocharger – Inspect
Inlet Manifold Pressure – Test
Exhaust Temperature – Test
Aftercooler – Test
Engine Crankcase Pressure (Blowby) – Test
Compression – Test
Engine Valve Lash – Inspect/Adjust
Lubrication System
Engine Oil Pressure – Test
Engine Oil Pump – Inspect
Excessive Bearing Wear – Inspect
Excessive Engine Oil Consumption – Inspect
Increased Engine Oil Temperature – Inspect
Cooling System
Cooling System – Check (Overheating)
Cooling System – Inspect
Cooling System – Test
Water Temperature Regulator – Test
Water Pump – Test
Basic Engine
Piston Ring Groove – Inspect
Connecting Rod Bearings – Inspect
Main Bearings – Inspect
Cylinder Block – Inspect
Flywheel – Inspect
Flywheel Housing – Inspect
Vibration Damper – Check
Vibration Damper – Check
Electrical System
Battery – Test
Charging System – Test
Electric Starting System – Test
Engine Oil Pressure Sensor – Test
Exhaust Particulate Filter Diagnostic Module –
Pinion Clearance – Adjust
Pinion Clearance – Adjust 

Pages: 108
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet
Note: Includes both Systems Operation and Testing & Adjusting manuals in one document