Caterpillar C10, C12, 3406E (5DS, 8YS, 9NS, 1LW) Engine Troubleshooting Manual Download

Caterpillar C10, C12, 3406E (5DS, 8YS, 9NS, 1LW) Engine Troubleshooting Manual Download

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Caterpillar C10, C12, 3406E (5DS, 8YS, 9NS, 1LW) Engine Troubleshooting Manual PDF 

Covers: Caterpillar C10, C12, 3406E Truck Engine with serial number prefixes

  • 5DS
  • 8YS
  • 9NS
  • 1LW 

The Caterpillar C10, C12, 3406E (5DS, 8YS, 9NS, 1LW) truck diesel engine troubleshooting manual covers troubleshooting procedures and fault codes. In this manual you will find detailed step-by-step instructions and accurate illustrations to correctly diagnose the Cat C10, C12, 3406E (5DS, 8YS, 9NS, 1LW) truck diesel engine. View this manual on your computer/tablet or print off pages as needed.

Topics in the Caterpillar C10, C12, 3406E (5DS, 8YS, 9NS, 1LW) Engine Troubleshooting Manual:

System Overview
Electronic Service Tools
Replacing the ECM
Sensors and Electrical Connectors
Engine Wiring Harness Diagram
Vehicle Wiring Harness Diagram
Programming Parameters
Test ECM Mode
Customer Passwords
ECM Date Time Stamped Information
ECM Snapshot
Factory Passwords
Factory Passwords Worksheet
Flash Programming
Service Information Report
Customer Specified Parameters
Customer Specified Parameters Table
Customer Specified Parameters Worksheet
System Configuration Parameters
Can Not Reach Top Engine RPM
Can Not Reach Vehicle Speed Limit
Check Engine Lamp or Warning Lamp Is Malfunctioning
Cooling Fan Is Always ON
Cruise Control, Idle, or PTO Can Not Be Set
Driver Questionnaire
Driver Questionnaire Response
ECM Will Not Accept Factory Passwords
Electronic Service Tool Will Not Communicate with ECM
Engine Cranks but Will Not Start
Engine Misfires, Runs Rough or Is Unstable
Engine Retarder (Compression Brake) Will Not Turn ON
Engine Vibration
Engine Will Not Crank
Excessive Black Smoke
Excessive Fuel Consumption
Excessive White Smoke
Intermittent Cruise Control, Idle, or PTO Kickout
Intermittent Engine Shutdown
Intermittent Low Power or Power Cutout
Low Power or Poor or No Response to Throttle
Poor Acceleration or Response
Diagnostic Codes
No Diagnostic Code Detected -55
0001-11 Cylinder #1 Injector current fault -72
0002-11 Cylinder #2 Injector current fault -72
0003-11 Cylinder #3 Injector current fault -73
0004-11 Cylinder #4 Injector current fault -73
0005-11 Cylinder #5 Injector current fault -74
0006-11 Cylinder #6 Injector current fault -74
0022-13 Engine Speed Signal Calibration Not Performed -42
0026-05 Auxiliary Output #01 current low -69
0026-06 Auxiliary Output #01 current high -69
0030-08 PTO Throttle signal invalid -29
0030-13 PTO Throttle out of calibration -29
0040-05 Auxiliary Output #02 current low -66
0040-06 Auxiliary Output #02 current high -66
0041-03 8 Volt Supply voltage high -21
0041-04 8 Volt Supply voltage low -21
0051-05 Auxiliary Output #03 current low -67
0051-06 Auxiliary Output #03 Current High -67
0071-00 Idle Shutdown Override -1
0071-01 Idle Shutdown -47
0071-14 PTO Shutdown -47
0084-00 Vehicle Overspeed Warning -41
0084-01 Vehicle Speed loss of signal -31
0084-02 Vehicle Speed signal invalid -36
0084-08 Vehicle Speed signal out of range -36
0084-10 Vehicle Speed signal rate of change -36
0084-14 Quick Stop Occurrence
0091-08 Throttle Position Invalid -32
0091-13 Throttle Position out of calibration -28
0100-01 Low Oil Pressure Warning -46
0100-03 Oil Pressure voltage high -24
0100-04 Oil Pressure voltage low -24
0100-11 Very Low Oil Pressure -46
0102-00 Excessive Boost Pressure
0102-03 Boost Pressure voltage high -25
0102-04 Boost Pressure voltage low -25
0105-00 High Intake Manifold Air Temperature Warning -64
0105-03 Intake Manifold Air Temperature voltage high -38
0105-04 Intake Manifold Air Temperature voltage low -38
0105-11 Very High Intake Manifold Air Temperature -64
0108-03 Barometric Pressure voltage high -26
0108-04 Barometric Pressure voltage low -26
0110-00 High Coolant Temperature Warning -61
0110-03 Coolant Temperature voltage high -27
0110-04 Coolant Temperature voltage low -27
0110-11 Very High Coolant Temperature -61
0111-01 Low Coolant Level Warning -62
0111-02 Coolant Level signal invalid -12
0111-11 Very Low Coolant Level -62
0121-05 Low or High Retarder current low -14
0121-06 Low or High Retarder current high -14
0122-05 Med or High Retarder current low -14
0122-06 Med or High Retarder current high -14
0168-02 ECM Battery Power Intermittent -51
0171-03 Ambient Air Temperature voltage high
0171-04 Ambient Air Temperature voltage low
0171-11 Ambient Air Temperature Data Lost
0174-00 High Fuel Temperature Warning -65
0174-03 Fuel Temperature voltage high -13
0174-04 Fuel Temperature voltage low -13
0190-00 Engine Overspeed Warning -35
0190-02 Primary Engine Speed Loss of Signal -34
0191-07 Transmission Not Responding -68
0231-11 J1939 Data Link Fault -58
0232-03 5 Volt Supply voltage high -21
0232-04 5 Volt Supply voltage low -21
0244-02 Event Recorder Data Lost -2
0249-11 J1922 Data Link Fault -58
0252-11 Engine Software Incorrect -59
0253-02 Check Customer or System Parameters -56
0253-11 Check Transmission Customer Parameters -56
0254-12 ECM Fault -53
5 Volt Engine Pressure Sensor Supply Circuit – Test
Accelerator Pedal (Throttle) Position Sensor Circuit – Test
ATA (SAE J1587 J1708) Data Link Circuit – Test
Auxiliary Brake Circuit – Test
Check Engine Lamp Circuit – Test
Coolant Level Sensor Circuit – Test
Cooling Fan Circuit and AC High Pressure Switch Circuit – Test
Cruise Control Switch Circuit – Test
Eaton Top 2 Transmission Circuit – Test
ECM Memory – Test
Electrical Connectors – Inspect
Engine Pressure Sensor Open or Short Circuit – Test
Engine Running Output Circuit – Test
Engine Shutdown Output Circuit – Test
Engine Speed Timing Sensor Circuit – Test
Engine Temperature Sensor Open or Short Circuit – Test
Idle Shutdown Timer – Test
Ignition Key Switch Circuit and Battery Supply Circuit – Test
Injector Solenoid Circuit – Test
Multi-Torque – Test
Powertrain Data Link Circuit – Test
PTO Shutdown Timer – Test
PTO Switch Circuit – Test
Remote PTO Accelerator Position Sensor Circuit – Test
Retarder (Compression Brake) Solenoid Circuit – Test
Tachometer Circuit – Test
Torque Limit Switch Circuit – Test
Vehicle Speed and Speedometer Circuit – Test
Warning Lamp Circuit – Test
Engine Speed Timing Sensor – Calibrate
Injector Code – Calibrate
Vehicle Speed Circuit – Calibrate 

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